Bicycles and Barrel Bombs — my latest Sermon podcast on Refugees

I recently was invited to share at a Canadian church a message about “War, Violence, Famine and Refugees” for their “Dirty Words” series. The podcast a few related photos/videos I showed during the talk is below.

(Scrub to 8:40)

Special thanks to:

Matthew Soerens @matthewsoerens of @WorldRelief who shared some great content and research findings with me as I prepared this message.

Angus Smith @angussmithh of @WorldVisionAus who hooked me up with some key footage last minute.

James @JACarroll who was an excellent sherpa for me for the two services.

Pastor Andrew Gordon for opening his pulpit to me to share with their 800 parishioners.

And for the church family @thisisCompass for opening hearts and homes to 17 refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan. That’s love in action — and these refugees will undoubtedly be a blessing to the community and our country!


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